Live Counter Cultural

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Jesus Christ, the Lion of the tribe of Judah lives in me; and He is roaring. He has something to say to my own heart, my community, my culture and world. Will I let Him speak through me? Or will I keep His voice hushed, until all I hear are the small whispers of what His voice once was. In countries around the world, where the persecution and difficulty is currently intense, they say Don’t take us out of the fire because the gospel is spreading because of our blood. Keep our hearts in the fiery love of the Father, with all diligence. Because out of it stem the issues of life.

Evangelism in Your Family

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Your child is not too young, too old, too busy, and you don’t have to wait for someone “gifted” in sharing the gospel to do this. You as a Christian have a right and responsibility to share with all those who don’t know. It’s more than just letting your “life” shine for Christ, it’s saying the gospel so they will know. Read the bible with them and tell them the gospel daily. Most people become Christians before age 15. But please don’t wait until then. You never know if you will have tomorrow. Don’t forget the precious gift of Jesus. He is their only necessity.

Be the Woman You Want to Be

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Don’t allow your heart to die. Be bold and take risks – diving into love as much as you can, as deep as you are able. Stop going to the same humanistic wells expecting to quench your eternal thirst… Even when her children were pulling on her, she would just stay in worship or intercession over something, so focused and in love with her Creator… Be honest: with yourself, with everyone, with God.