The Coming Women’s Movement Part 2: Rise Up?

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In my first post of The coming women’s movement part 1, I spoke of a movement that is beginning to rise in this nation, that will bring the family unit, and society back on its course.

And, after writing it and receiving so much feedback, I realized that this issue is much bigger than I had imagined. There are so many of you out there, that feel the call to rise up and take your nation back for God, and I am so encouraged by that.

All of this compels me to write a second post on this coming movement. So, today’s message will address where we are at today, so that we may fully see the need of why we MUST rise up in our land, while there’s still time.


Political divisiveness. Race wars. Fake news. Hypocrisy in the Church. Fallen ministers. Terrorists. Christian businesses going under for not supporting gay marriage. Abortion.

It’s enough bad news to make your head spin. And this is supposed to be the most free, the most Christian nation in the world. What happened to our beloved America? How far have we fallen from the days when the first tired, weary pilgrims first set feet on the shores of this set apart soil, and dedicated a colony of people for the purpose of worshipping God freely. From the times when, after seeing how cold and ragged and unclothed his troops were, George Washington was found in a secluded wooded area bowing his knees in prayer, crying out to God for our country.

Our nation was not founded for freedoms sake. No, our founding fathers who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution understood that true freedom is only found in God, and He is the only moral fabric that could hold a society together. No other religions form of morality can cut it.

And this has held up our nation for over 200 years.

But now, we’re seeing our society fabric unrolled and the depth of our own depravity laid bare for all the world to see. And the Church has to respond.


The problem is, how do you respond when the problem is so huge, so widespread, and deep – seated for generations?
From what I see, the problems we are facing as a nation are not going to be solved through government alone. I am thankful for a federal administration that chooses to have weekly bible studies and are making decisions for laws in favor of righteousness. We have prayed -hard – for this.

But, the problems still exist, and they exist to show us that our President, our military, our elected officials and new laws cannot change the heart of a people.

God can. And, so can we.

Malachi 4:5-6
[5]“Look, I am sending you the prophet Elijah before the great and dreadful day of the lord arrives.
[6]His preaching will turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of children to their fathers. Otherwise I will come and strike the land with a curse.”


In the movie Monumental, a national monument is shown as a living instruction book into how this nation should be run, and how we can fix it. It starts with the figure Faith, who stands with her finger pointing up, indicating that all morality comes from God, who lives in Heaven.

It also shows several key figures that help form the principles for obtaining moral righteousness in a society. One of them is a mother, who is teaching her children from the Bible. She is the main player in raising up the next generation in what to believe, what is right, and how to respond to the world.

Men have a vital role, as well as the whole family, in administering, growing, and protecting freedom from the shackles of tyranny, in all its forms.

It’s when we abandon our posts of guard that this freedom comes under fire, and it is time to take our post.

It was quoted by many freedom fighters in the past that, “the price for freedom is eternal vigilance. ” Some of our founding fathers said this.

John Philpot Curran makes this statement, “The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt.”

We’ve abandoned our roles, as men, as women, as family units and it shouldn’t surprise us that our nation is in a mess because of it.


You may disagree with what I’m saying, but we have done much to strip men of their identity as God has called them to be protectors, providers, and leaders of our homes.

Instead, we tell them that a woman can do everything he can do, they need to celebrate their equality, and also respect their differences. They’re told not to bear arms to protect, not to consider women to be weaker, as the bible clearly states (1 peter 3:7), and told that anything less is considered bigotry and abuse.

All in the name of feminism.


Let’s take a strong look at feminism, the force that has changed the minds and hearts of Americans since our mothers generation.

Feminism is – the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

It’s the idea that, “anything men can do we can do better.” That mindset has set us on a journey of higher paying jobs, places in the military, and the legalization of abortion. Finally, women could now throw off the shackles of the perpetuous “man” and be free to pursue whatever we want.

And the Lord cries as we have killed millions of His precious babies in pursuit of the best lives we could ever have. As we pursue being the masters of our own universe.

But therein lies our problem: it’s not our universe. The universe belongs to God, and He created us, not ourselves. (Psalm 100:3) And we were not created to do it all, be everything.

I believe the religious spirit (or mentality) is linked with this idea of feminism. The feminist idea says “I must be free to do more!” “You can’t stop now, there’s more for you out there to conquer!”

It promises fulfilment and rest but never gives it to you. Just like false religion. How many feminist today claim they are fulfilled, but are too busy to enjoy their lives?

Jesus promised us that His “yoke is easy, and His burden is light.” His goal for you is not for you to conquer the world, but to rule your own heart by surrendering your will to His. That is where true fulfilment and rest come from.


In a family, each person imparts a vital message. Men impart IDENTITY, women impart CHARACTER, and show children how to relate to each other.

I grew up in a broken home. My most common thoughts from my childhood include wondering who I was, and why I felt that answer was wrapped up in my earthly father. I wondered for years who I was, as I dealt with his absence, and finally had that question answered as I embraced relationship with my Heavenly father.

Think about it: fathers provide for us. We take their name as our own. When people call our last names, they are identifying us with our fathers. They play a major role in our identity.

It hasn’t been until I’ve been a wife and a mother that I’ve seen how much of my mother I am like. It comes in the way I relate to my husband and kids. Mothers teach us, through their responses to the world, how to act and react.

Children represent our fruit, and we learn how to receive from them. The kingdom of heaven must be received like a child, or we won’t enter into it.

Would today’s children in our society represent good spiritual fruit? Would they represent how to receive from God? Or do they represent a society a society that can’t receive because of ungratefulness, pride, overprivilge, or rejection.

We give the world an innacurate picture of God’s desire for a family when we abandon our true, God- given roles for something else.


And it’s even touched churches. When you walk into a church, what do you see? Beautiful furniture and decorations, all arranged matched to a tee. Comfortable chairs. A foyer to die for, lots of helpful information booths, even a nice coffee shop. And tissues. Lots and lots of them.

I’m not against any of those things, and as a mother of young children, I am particularly grateful for them. But they all scream something extremely loud to me: this place is comfortable. And it’s made for me.

My husband is a man’s man. He works with his hands, does his own mechanic work, and loves nature. And I know many men like him. But I fear we’ve made so many preparations to make women feel comfortable, that we have made no place for our men to be the warriors that God created them to be.

Our churches look more like living rooms than war rooms. If our men haven’t been feminized by our culture already, they feel bored and out of place with our programs, but no power.

Where is the adventure? I submit to you it’s missing because our men are missing. They were meant to lead us on an adventure, spiritually and in life.

I will tell you where they are. They are in their garages. They are watching the game on t.v. or at the stadium. They are on hunting and camping trips. They are trying to find the adventure they know inside they were created for, and the women are left behind in the prayer rooms, wondering why they are not there.

Our churches are feminine, and in doing so we’ve pushed our purposed driven men out the door. I know that’s not no excuse for men, but I also don’t blame them.

Men are SUPPOSED to be dangerous. It’s how God created them. It’s when we forget how we were created that we take on roles we were never meant to take.

Think about this: when stress hits a man and woman’s system, a woman’s adrenaline rush lasts for about a minute, and then her body does whatever is necessary to bring her adrenaline and heart rate back down, while a man’s heart rate and adrenaline stays elevated even while resting after that initial stress presents itself. A woman’s body wears out quickly if her heart rate continues running high.

That tells me something important: men can physically perform better under stress than women can. Sure, there are variations in each body, but that is the general creation of the sexes.

Men are designed to lead – in their homes, in the military, in decision making, and especially in times of stress. Men can carry things, emotionally and physically that women cannot. It shouldn’t be despised or rejected. It should be celebrated and respected.


But we as women don’t want to give up the control. We, just like Eve, want to convince Adam that what the snake says (our world) is better than what God says.

You have no idea how much feminism has crept into your life, and into the lives of your families generations past, until you take a good, hard look at it.

I was born into a family where women played a very strong role. They took over as men abandoned their places. I grew up and developed natural leader tendencies, but without the word of God, and the submission to the fruit of the Spirit’s work, that leadership potential got controlling and prideful.

It suddenly became painful if I was rebuked or corrected, and if my idea wasn’t used, I was convinced they had it out for me, and became my enemies in my twisted, unsubmitted mind.

When we adopt these innacurate mindsets, no matter how subtle they are, they are doing their best to rob us of the peace that Jesus promises for the believer. The Christian life is about submission, and as the wife reflects the Church, so we must reflect the lifestyle of submission that we claim to be doing so well.

It’s not a cute sentiment or a funny joke to laugh about how the wife runs the home. She is not the lead. If we continue to take the reigns, the only leading we do is in taking our culture away from the adventure God has planned for the Church in opt for a safe, sterile, emotion driven, and ineffective generation of Christians.


And, instead of trusting our husband’s to be our provider, when we find out that we are not Superman and can’t do it all, we allocate that job to the government.
And the government, especially our government in the United States, was not created to be our providers. That job belongs to our heavenly Father, and our husbands.

The government is not God. But when you elevate them to such great status, we place the expectation of moral righteousness onto them, instead of taking that responsibility ourselves.

Politicians elected officials only have as much power as given to by the people. That people is you and me. They work for us, and they propose laws to help create an order of our beliefs into our society.

The racial issue of our nation will not be solved by more anger, or more police. The shooting incidents taking place will not stop through gun control. Abortion will not end only when it becomes illegal. These things become eradicated when people take the time to love, to teach, to change hearts and set the precedent for what’s right, and what we believe.

We’ve abandoned our role as the glue of our families, not just our family but our families. The mother of today feels unfulfilled staying at home with her children not just because she’s selfish, but because she’s not doing the thing that she was truly made for, in her motherhood.

I submit to you that we are not truly fulfilled in our roles in the Kingdom, and we fail to bring our young ones into that place of fulfillment because we are failing at it ourselves. How many Sunday school sermons and messages and homeschool curriculums have you looked through that seemed boring, lacking, and rule based? I’ve had my share.

Not that there’s anything wrong with rules, structure, and the amazing content of most homeschool, bible study, and sermon curriculum. But is it all necessary? Is it transforming our children’s lives? Is it transforming ours?

Think about the issues we face today LGBTQ rights, economic loss, schools, etc. Could it be there is such confusion in our children’s minds and schools because our mothers aren’t there to shape their understanding of their own roles? Could we be facing hard times in the job world because women are working when they should be at home, teaching their children, while the children are in school being taught by strangers who hate Christians, America, conservative values, and promote all forms of disobedience and wickedness? Just a thought.

Our society says we don’t like physical fruit when we say it’s legally and morally okay to kill the lives of its most innocent. Our churches say we don’t want spiritual fruit when we abdicate our role of evangelizing and discipling children to someone else. It is OUR job, and God has given us every single tool we need to do it well.

Proverbs 14:1- Proverbs 14
[1]A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands.

We must, as women, as Christians, as keepers of our family hearts take a hard look at our lives and compare it to the Bible. We must ask ourselves if the wisdom we’re using is God’s wisdom, or is it worldly wisdom.

Otherwise, we are much to blame for the tearing down of the family home in our nation.


But, there’s good news. This message wasn’t just meant to make you feel bad. There is hope for our families and our nation, and it starts with US.

We can draw a new line in the sand for what is okay for us. We can make our voices individually and collectively heard. I’m not just talking about lobbying your senators. I’m saying:

1.) Start by giving your husband the controls back from your hands. Ask him what he sees for the vision for your family, and then get behind it 200%. Stop nagging at him, and make your home welcome for a man to be involved in.

Proverbs 21
[19]It’s better to live alone in the desert than with a quarrelsome, complaining wife.

2.) Start praying for your nation. Repent for any way you’ve abandoned your God placed role as a mother, a wife, and a watchman for the children in our society. Get a close relationship with God. Closer than you are experiencing right now.
3.) Stand with politicians who fight to make godly laws, tell them what you want to see made, and vote them in.
4.) Evangelize. On a regular basis. We can’t expect everyone else’s mothers and fathers to take on their godly roles until we show an example out in the world. Raise up your children, and other people’s children to know God, and who they are in Him. Show them our nation’s Christian roots, and teach them how they, and the family reflect God’s incredibly fiery heart towards them, our nation and the world.
5.) Be the example of submission every day in your life. Wherever you go.


When we leave our created roles in search for that which tantalizes our flesh and pride, its like cutting off our oxygen supply, and we lose our ability to think straight spiritually and morally. We must stand up now and change things.

It is the role of the family that will turn the tide of a nation bankrupt of moral character.

It is the prayers of women crying out for the shed innocent blood of babies that will change abortion in the land.

Will you rise up, and take your place as a watchman on the wall for America? Will you say something now? Or will you stay silent, like Hezekiah, comfortable that trouble won’t come in his day, but will visit the next generation?

Do it! Rise up with me, and let’s take our country back for God. He is on our side.

*Special note: there will be a major prayer gathering October 6-9th of women and believers in Washington D.C., on the National Mall and I will be there! I highly encourage you to join me on the National Mall that weekend as we worship 24 hours a day, and on Monday have an all day prayer meeting. Sign up these events, which are free here:

God bless!

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