The Coming Women’s Movement

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I hear a sound.

It’s the sound of a mighty roar. This roar is coming from all over our nation, and even our world, as countless numbers of sisters in Christ are coming out of their place of hiddeness, as they take their place before the court of Heaven.

Like Esther from scripture, they will convene Heaven’s court through prayer and be used to over throw plans of destruction that have been in place for years.

Last weekend, there was a call for fasting and prayer regarding women, that I happened to miss. I then read an article written by the man that called the fast, and realized that this issue was more important than I thought.

I pray this post will stir your heart to rise up in faith for our sisters throughout the world, who have been raised up for such a time as this to be used by God to break long held chains of bondage in our land.

The False Women’s Movement

Shortly after president Trump took office, there was a rather large demonstration of women, who arrived at the capital steps in DC, to protest against everything the president stood for and wishes to do.
I am not against these women protesting. We are blessed to live in a country where we have a right to protest for our beliefs, just as I have a right to free speech, even if it offends you, or the guy down the street.
What I found strikingly different was how close that march was to this year’s March for Life, which was also held on the steps of the capital. March for Life’s aim is to campaign for the ending of the practice of abortion, as well as to raise up a culture of life in our nation. Believers from all different denominations and even non believers have joined this campaign, and it is huge.
Never before have I seen such stark differences between the two groups. It was like night and day.

The pro – abortion liberal groups that were marching for what they would believe are women’s rights believe:

•abortion should be legal and on-demand
•women don’t need a man – or anyone to provide for their needs. Except the government.
•the baby inside the womb has no rights. It is not even considered a baby, but a mass of cells.
•Christians are bigots because what they stand for opposes their beliefs.
•we should be tolerant of everyone’s beliefs – unless, of course you are a Christian and follow what the bible says.

This is a false women’s movement because in their twisted mindset there is so little of what women truly are. Someone once said that if the early feminists who fought for women’s rights to vote heard of this current press for “women’s equal rights,” they would be totally and completely against it.

I understand that this article might get disapproval from some, but that does goes to show how much our generation has been indoctrinated with false ideas.

I understand.

I was in that camp growing up:

I went to public school, where I was taught a lot of what I thought were ‘neutral’ ideas – until I got challenged with truths I saw in scripture.

This first started when I first went to a prayer gathering focusing on the issue of pro-life. The speakers were praying on the stage regarding the issue of birth control and sexual immortality, which fuels the desire for one to have an abortion. When they addressed this issue, it shocked me to know that so many, even in the church, were okay with these things. I even had a mindset that I learned in school that it was okay to be “a little selfish ” in regards to sex, marriage, and children. This realization started a three year journey of learning about the origins of abortion, the link between it and pornography and birth control, and it’s decades long plan to infiltrate the public school system through subtle indoctrination.

If you grew up in public schools, you might identify with my struggle. There was a fear of beginning a new life as a mother and having no clue what to do. I realized that much of my fear was due to my lack of preparation from my childhood environment around me. I didn’t even know that there was, and is, an agenda here to tear the family apart.

the Answer

But, something’s changing. They’re coming by the ones, the twos, and the threes. Women, who have walked through the wilderness of the hidden lifestyle, and bore the sting of reproach from their family, friends, and society around them. They’ve said goodbye to their careers, their chances to look successful in the worlds eyes. They’ve risked it all to love: freely, with arms wide open, their families around them. They minister with the greatest of care; and they have excelled at it because it was and is being done with the heavy, sin crushing weight of the love of God. These women are picking up their bible-swords, fighting in prayer, and speaking up; not for themselves, but for the lives of many, many millions of children who will never be able to speak in this world. Or have a birthday. Or learn how to walk. Or figure out how to melt their parents hearts, and show them the real meaning of being happy is not to be served, but to serve, and give your life as a sacrifice.
They’re out there, and maybe you’re one of them. This generation carries a whole new understanding of what it means to act in compassion. And even though many have never been taught how to do this, how to value the lives of the least of these, they carry on and do it anyway.

And they are not going to go away. I believe the greatest days of women – God’s women – are upon us. I see women returning to the ancient paths of love and servitude, and lifting up the Family – God’s framework for showing how love works. I see them standing in the councils of God, with their children by their side – and taking on this nations biggest strongholds. I see them and their children tearing down the altars of abortion and seduction in our land. They, as families will run right into the enemies camp, free the prisoners of hope, and mount a new flag on the soil of many souls. This flag is freedom.

The family unit (the way God designed it) will soon become the force it was made to be, as many people, alone and afraid will look again to God’s sweet answer to finding shelter, and food – physically and spiritually. The family of God will have bread for the hungry and water for the thirsty.

To me, this area is very much the modern missions movement. We as women give our time, lives, careers, energy, and yes, even our own bodies as fuel for this devoted and sacred flame of the Lord. We may not have it all together at first – our houses get messy most of the time, and we might have taken great financial sacrifices by not furthering our working careers. We might have some great challenges with our children, or physical ailments and no help in sight…

But it’s us who will be used of the Lord to mend a fatherless and motherless generation, and not only reminding the world of God’s constant care, but also bringing back the conscience of a people void of character and drowning in a sea of hopeless, sensual selfishness. It will not be in vain and will be greatly rewarded at the end of the age, which will happen in only a moment.

When children are sick, or injured, who do they run to? Not their friends. Not their toys. Not even to daddy. They want mommy. Why? Because it’s mommy who will hold them and nurture them. It’s mommy who offers tenderness. It’s just as much healing to their soul as it is to their bodies.

The Charge

We are given a solemn and sacred task that will take us to eternity, should Jesus tarry. Even if you do not have children, or your children are grown, we can’t deny the innate calling God has placed on our lives to mother – to nurture, teach, and train up this generation and the one to come, in righteousness.

Teach your children to choose the right path, and when they are older, they will remain upon it. ~ Proverbs 22:6 NIV

That charge is for every woman, even if you’re not married. Our enemy has chosen to try to neutralize our voice by giving our children other options for mommy, whether it’s on the TV, video games, ungodly friendships, and mindsets that question God just like Eve was questioned with, “Did God really say…? ”

It’s time we rise up into our responsibility, our true calling, and free a nation from the chords of the spirit of this age that hold them captive.

It’s not about teaching people their worth, but it’s about teaching them Christ’s worth, and how our whole story is wrapped up in His. No more squandering callings on selfish living.

What can I do? Here are some ideas to start:

•Pray for the children (your children, your brothers children, your neighbors kids, your churches children). This is where the battles are won first. Fast if needed.

•Find out ways you can get involved in ministries in your church and outside that will focus on them. I’m sure your children’s ministers would love more help.

We know of a great ministry called Children’s Evangelism Fellowship that are starting something called Good News Clubs all over the nation. To find out more, click HERE.

•Start some projects you can work on with your children, and spend some time with them. You can’t have a conversation with someone if you’re not in the room. Or worse, you’re both in the room but on your phones.

•Make your voice heard! Email, call your senators and elected officials, and let them know you stand for life. And so should they. You can find your elected offices HERE.

•Post things on social media that lift up the family, and encourage a culture of life.

•Most importantly: Find a way to stay home. And get your kids to be home with you. That is where the safe place begins, where the real training happens. What they choose to do in public will first be formed in the private. That place is your home. They do not need a substitute for home, or for you.

•Don’t give in to society’s standards. You can do it – you have the King of Kings living inside you. If you don’t quit, you win.

We will take back this generation for the Lord. We have gone low. We have walked that walk of humble love. Let’s bring this generation back home – back to God, and be a part of the greatest move of God we will ever see.


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5 thoughts on “The Coming Women’s Movement

  1. Thank you for writing such a passionate, convicting post! You’re a mama after my own heart. 🙂 Can you provide the link to that article for the call to pray and fast?

  2. Beautiful and so well said. I’m a young momma and my husband and I have been so convicted about everything you mentioned here over the last few years, and it has led to a break with my feminist upbringing and a 100% focus on God and my mission to serve my family, right here at home. These are not popular things to talk about but so important. Bless you!

    1. Thank you, Caroline! You are walking the beautiful, narrow road of the Lord, and in many ways, it is a hidden, thankless task. I know our society definitely does everything it can to intercept our role and make what we do seem insignificant. God bless you for following the Lord in this way. You are blessing your family and helping heal our nation with what you’re doing. Blessings my friend!

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